Programme Overview

The Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge (SOIC) has been an annual initiative that serves as an instrumental platform in the ongoing global effort to tackle pressing sustainability issues. Since its inception in 2019, SOIC has consistently played a significant role in fostering innovative solutions to address environmental threats and promote sustainable practices on a global scale, starting from Singapore. 

Organised by Enterprise Singapore, the challenge brings together  visionary industry partners and dynamic innovators to collaboratively develop groundbreaking solutions across sectors.


Addressing Global Challenges

The programme aims to channel collective innovation towards devising pragmatic solutions that can effectively mitigate the unprecedented challenges that the world faces.

Fostering Collaborative Innovation

SOIC creates an environment where industry partners, startups, and innovators collaborate to co-develop sustainable solutions, encouraging a synergistic exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Promoting Local and Regional Impact

Placing an emphasis on local and regional relevance, SOIC ensures that co-developed solutions have a meaningful impact on immediate communities while retaining the potential for widespread adoption.

Accelerating Sustainable Entrepreneurship

By offering grants, funding opportunities, and real-world testing facilitated by industry pioneers, SOIC nurtures a supportive ecosystem for sustainable entrepreneurship, accelerating growth for impactful startups.

Driving Tangible Changes

By encouraging the development of  tangible, actionable solutions, the programme strives to enact real change in both the business landscape and the broader sustainability agenda.

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2022 Edition

17 Challenge Statement Owners

20 Challenge Statements 

6 Key Themes


Sustainable Food Source

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable Packaging

Renewable Energy

Green Buildings

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2021 Edition

Challenge Statements Owners

Challenge Statements 

2020 Edition

Challenge Statements Owners

Challenge Statements 

2019 Edition

Challenge Statements Owners

Challenge Statements 

Success stories

Challenge Statement Owner: Haier

Awarded Innovator: Latheacond Technologies

Haier is working with Latheacond Technologies to develop a Vacuum Insulation Casing, an alternative insulation solution for refrigerators that can potentially increase energy efficiency and reduce the overall environmental footprint.

Challenge Statement Owner: EM Services


EM Services is working with O.E. MANUFACTURING PTE LTD to develop an automated manipulator to enhance efficiency and crew safety for the tree-pruning process.

Challenge Statement Owner: Sentosa Development Corporation

Awarded Innovator: Ecosoftt and Big Tiny

Sentosa Development Corporation is working with Ecosoftt and Big Tiny to develop sustainable infrastructure solutions on close-loop waste treatment system and off-grid modular accommodations.

Challenge Statement Owner: Sumitomo Corporation Asia & Oceania and Juice Products New Zealand Limited

Awarded Innovator: Open Sesame

Open Sesame is working with Sumitomo Corporation Asia and Oceania and JPNZ to develop synbiotic products with the JPNZ carrot pomace by-product flour to achieve circularity.