Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge 2021 - Round 2

Help build a greener future for our planet with the Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge 2021! Enterprise Singapore (ESG) is collaborating with key industry partners to launch the third edition of the challenge with challenge statements in key sustainability areas such as sustainable materials, waste management, and many more.

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15 Challenge Statements

15 Challenge Owners

5 Key Themes

  • Green Packaging
  • Green Transport
  • Renewable Energy
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Waste Reduction

Success Story #1

Challenge Owner: Sentosa Development Corporation
Awarded Innovators: Ecosoftt and Big Tiny
Sentosa Development Corporation is working with Ecosoftt and Big Tiny to develop sustainable infrastructure solutions on close-loop waste treatment system and off-grid modular accommodations.

Success Story #2

Challenge Owner: Sumitomo Corporation Asia & Oceania and Juice Products New Zealand Limited
Awarded Innovator: Open Sesame
Open Sesame is working with Sumitomo Corporation Asia and Oceania and JPNZ to develop synbiotic products with the JPNZ carrot pomace by-product flour to achieve circularity.



14 Challenge Statements

10 Challenge Owners

4 Key Themes

  • Green Transport
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Sustainable Built Environment
  • Zero Waste

Success Story #1

Challenge Owner: Haier
Awarded Innovator: Latheacond Technologies
Haier is working with Latheacond Technologies to develop a Vacuum Insulation Casing, an alternative insulation solution for refrigerators that can potentially increase energy efficiency and reduce the overall environmental footprint.

Success Story #2

Challenge Owner: EM Services
EM Services is working with O.E. MANUFACTURING PTE LTD to develop an automated manipulator to enhance efficiency and crew safety for the tree-pruning process.