Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge 2021 - Open Category

Calling for innovative and impactful proposals addressing our Sustainability Open Category, with either sector-based solutions or showcasing your emerging technologies!

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 This year, we are piloting an Open Category where we invite proposals that do not address any of the challenge statements posted by the challenge owners in SOIC 2021 – Round 2 but are innovative and impactful that you want the organisers to consider. We are accepting all proposals that fall within either of the following sector-based or technology-based categories. Proposals should address a sizeable market demand and come along with your potential reference customer(s)/pilot partner(s).

Selected proposals stand to receive funding support for solution development from Enterprise Singapore!



    Dec 15, 2021 - Feb 28, 2022

    Innovators will be able to register on the platform and submit their solution.


    March - April 2022

    Innovators will be contacted for further clarification on their proposals.


    May - June 2022

    The announcement of the awarded innovators will be made in May - June 2022.

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Sector-based Categories


Calling for innovative and impactful proposals addressing today’s challenges relating to Built Environment, Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS), Low Carbon Hydrogen and Energy Efficiency!


  • Built Environment

  • Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage (CCUS)

  • Low Carbon Hydrogen

  • Energy Efficiency

Technology-based Categories


Alternatively, innovators may consider the following Platform Technologies provided by Singapore’s IHLs/RIs where you can build on and develop different applications to address different sustainability challenges. For favourable proposals leveraging these platform technologies, innovators stand a chance to receive:

1. Support from the IHL during the solution development process
2. Favourable licensing terms and/or low-cost evaluation license to develop IP until product is ready for launch or up to a period of 2 years, whichever is earlier
3. Consultancy partnership with IHL on selected projects
4. On a case-by-case basis, connecting favourable proposals with network of industry partners for testbedding of working prototype or commercial deployment of solutions

  • Model Predictive
  • Seafood Waste


If you are a company interested in piloting/adopting sustainability solutions of the above focus areas, we would like to hear more from you. Please leave your details in the form below and we will get in touch with you if there is anything relevant.


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