Reducing Reliance on Traditional Concrete Constituents for New Buildings


Concrete is the main material that Singapore depends on for construction, such as the building of HDB flats. The raw materials for concrete (such as cement, sand, aggregate) are mainly imported. Hence, the availability/supply and prices of these materials are often subjected to external factors such as demand-supply and geopolitical climate.

As Singapore is constantly rejuvenating itself, with older buildings making space for new buildings, we generate signficant construction waste and also carbon footprint in the construction process.

HDB is seeking alternative sustainable materials that can replace the traditional building materials, as well as solutions that allow more recycled construction materials to be incorporated into new buildings, while maintaining the structural strength and integrity of the building.

Technical Specifications & Requirements

  • Reduce use of raw concrete by at least 5% on building level, using replacements such as sustainable alternatives or recycled materials.
  • Comply with existing building and construction standards and regulations.
  • Alternative materials or concrete with recycled materials should come with testing certification proving their safety and/or performance.
  • Proposals should include information on any proof-of-concept (POC)/minimum viable product (MVP) that is non-sensitive.
  • Applicant should indicate estimated commercial price of solution, cost of operation/maintenance and cost-benefit analysis of the solution in the proposal.

Besides addressing the above requirements, the proposed solution should also fulfil the following criteria:

  • Not be readily or commercially available in the market.
  • Result in the creation of new IP.
  • Wherever applicable, aim to:
    • Enhance safety of operations; and/or
    • Reduce reliance of manpower; and/or
    • Achieve cost-effectiveness; and/or
    • Improve efficiency/productivity.

Development Timeline

The solution should ideally be deployable immediately as a pilot or with minimal additional development within a timeframe of no more than 2 years.

Additional Resources

HDB will provide mentorship and test-bedding opportunities at the HDB Centre of Building Research.

Challenge Owner(s)

Housing & Development Board (HDB)