Mobile Application to Show the Location and Availability of Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers with Online Payment Capability


Sembcorp currently has fewer than 5 EV chargers deployed in Singapore and envisages expanding this network around Singapore. An integrated mobile Application is sought where Users can, at minimum: i) check the location & availability of the chargers, ii) navigate to the location to charge the EV, and iii) make payment (via banking account or credit card). The App should also allow other small-scale EV owners in Singapore to access and tap on the platform. Other advanced functions may include:

  • Pop-up notification when Users pass by the EV chargers within the network
  • Showing amenities in the area (e.g. restroom, café, grocery market, etc.)
  • Easy-to-use options to activate charging and payment (e.g. car plate number recognition, Near Field Communication, etc.)

Technical Specifications & Requirements

  • End use environment is a full-scale commercial application where EV car owner can use this App to access Sembcorp’s and other supplier’s EV chargers to charge their vehicles islandwide.
  • Solution should be capable of integrating with both AC/DC 43kV and 50kV chargers to indicate location and availability.
  • App should be easily downloadable via iOS & Android, and perform the functionalities mentioned.
  • Product functionality and user experience are paramount. Proposals should include information on any proof-of-concept (POC)/minimum viable product (MVP) that is non-sensitive.
  • Applicant should indicate estimated commercial price of solution, cost of operation/maintenance and cost-benefit analysis of the solution in the proposal.

Besides addressing the above requirements, the proposed solution should also fulfil the following criteria:

  • Not be readily or commercially available in the market.
  • Wherever applicable, aim to:
    • Enhance safety of operations; and/or
    • Reduce reliance of manpower; and/or
    • Improve quality, consistency and service delivery; and/or
    • Achieve cost-effectiveness; and/or
    • Improve efficiency/productivity.

Development Timeline

A completed prototype is expected in 6-12 months. A fully operational App that integrates seamlessly with the charging station should be completed within 2 years.

Additional Resources

Sembcorp will allow access to their EV chargers for the development. Concurrently there are plans to add more chargers around Singapore, which may be added to the App in the prototype and full development stages. Sembcorp’s in-house Digital and Technology team may provide support to the App development.

Challenge Owner(s)

Sembcorp Industries

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